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Mindsweep gtd

mindsweep gtd

David Allen summarizes this collecting phase in a very simple way: If its on your mind, write it down or record it somehow in a concrete way.
So essentially, the reason things red hot chili peppers give it away скачать бесплатно mp3 have your attention is because you have not put sufficient attention on them.
Who needs to know?
David Allen has published some ideas idea prompts in his GTD book and I scanned these pages and included below.Conversations you need to have/want to have.It is all those things that are under control.You see a little a there for the action list, that would go on a calls list or wherever you wanted to keep track of that kind of thing.Any classes you want to take?
You'll find that things will tend to occur to you in somewhat random fashion-little things, big things, personal things, professional things, in no particular order.
Commitments/promises to others (spouse, children, family, friends.) Communications to make/get with family and friends.
I mean, thats one of those things, so easy for me to go, Ill remember that.
Collecting is the first stage of any kind of organizational work flow.
You can always toss the junk later.
Okay, this is particularly for those of you who are familiar with mindsweeps, Im going to lift up to what I call 20,000 feet, because often times the areas of focus and responsibility that we refer to, sometimes gets into subtler stuff that may.You go, Oh yeah!It is the first stage of a work flow which cyclically and continuously repeats throughout your life.There are a lot of things in your life that do not put any pressure on you.Thats a stake in the ground you need to park somewhere and then keep reminding yourself that you have that commitment now to get that done.Work the anxiety, remember, this is your big chance to reward that overly sensitive constitution of yours by converting the fuel for flopsweat into items that can later be made actionable (or deferred or delegated or killed etc).You know, one of the first steps of GTD methodology is capturing anything that has your attention and so this process that were going through today is all about externalizing whats on your mind, taking a step back and then getting to a place where.Are there interesting clusters within these projects that suggest opportunities and imminent change?You dont have to finish mom and birthday, but you do need to clarify what exactly it means to you, what does done mean and what does doing look like and park those things appropriately.And then the next action might be: Ah, you know, I guess I got to call my fila discount code us sister and see lets chat about what mom might want.