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Sweeping generalization meaning

sweeping generalization meaning

Answered, in Uncategorized, an example of generalizing would be saying that all persons of a certain religion are evil.
What are the choices?
Answered, in function generator is a device which can generate diff rent kinds of waveforms (sine, square,etc.).The Government of India pointed out that the allegations referred to above do not reflect the actual situation prevailing in India and contain sweeping generalizations which have no foundation in fact.(more what would you like to do?This is a sweeping statement which makes little obvious sense on first reading, so let us dissect it more carefully.Paragraph 133, for example, contained a number of sweeping generalizations about Roma people's alleged lack of interest in going to school and learning a trade and their preference for "own-account, very often illegal, activities".That sweeping generalization is clearly outside the scope of the evaluation, sweep audio books which drew the bulk of its information from only eight country-level case studies.
The generator "sweeps" the frequencies on either side of a set center frequency.
The chairman said he wished to stress the need to ensure that reporting States made reference to detailed reports and did not use cross-referencing as a means of shirking their reporting responsibilities, for example by referring to sweeping generalizations.
While some kids might call their parents mean and unfair, other kids might say that their parents are fun, nice, fair, etc.
Answered, in, all parents are mean and unfair.
4.6 With regard to the procedure before the Law Society of the Northern Territory, the State party submits that the author has given no grounds for bias of any particular member of the Council, but only made a sweeping and unfounded generalization.
One is interested in sweeping generalizations.Example: All dogs hate cats (edit : all of these given are actually stereotypes, generalizations will normally use the term often and do not apply to all members of a group) (more what would you like to do?From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsweeping statement/generalizationa statement etc that is too general and that does not consider all the facts used to show disapproval sweeping generalizations about women drivers sweeping, examples from the Corpus sweeping statement/generalization He prefers a complicated sentence to a sweeping.Answered, in, a: Sometimes a spectrum of frequency must be analyzed a voltage to frequency converter can be used to sweep a range of frequency just cabelas promo code 10 off by changing some DC level.Answered, in, answer A sweep generator is an instrument used to align IF circuits in older FM radios that used adjustable IF coils in the circuits.When this signal is applied to the front end of an IF circuit, the responce from the IF circuit can be observed at the end of the IF with an oscilloscope allowing the IF coils in the circuit to be adjusted to the desired bandwidth.Examples of promoting the general welfare are promoting security, food and drug laws, protection of the people (policemen, firemen, etc.But sweep generator can only generate sawtooth or ramp function, What would you like to do?For example, one says "Every person should run a mile each day." Although this is somewhat good advice for your health, what if someone just had a heart transplant or has asthma.Usually a generalization has the word all or every.Of course, this is usually so, but I am having little niggling doubts about such a sweeping statement.A sweeping generalization is when you apply a fair rule to an exceptional case.What would you like to do?Answered, in, it means that instead of going into detail one is keeping it very "general" For example: Instead of saying "cake" one can say or instead of something about glasses, a more generalized topic would be eyesight, thus making it much more easier.